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OFCCP Requires Online Certification of AAPs in 2022

The OFCCP recently announced the launch of it’s new Contractor Portal, through which Affirmative Action Employers will be required to certify the compliance of their Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) starting in March 2022. A compliant Affirmative Action Program consists of a written AAP, training programs, and outreach efforts.

Next Steps for Employers

Contractors should begin registering for the portal as soon as February 1, 2022, and will have from March 31, 2022,through June 30, 2022 to certify in the portal that they have developed and maintained their written AAPs as required.

HR Works Can Help

HR Works makes it easy for you to meet affirmative action requirements and ensure ongoing compliance. We offer a full suite of services including AAP development, training, and state/federal filings that conform to your AAP and government regulations. Contact us today for assistance with your AAP needs.

Employers: Are You Ready, or Are You at Risk?

Are You Required to Write an Annual AAP?

Companies with 50+ U.S. employees and either federal contracts/subcontracts or FDIC/NCUA insurance valued at $50,000 or more need to develop annual AAPs.

An employer meeting this criteria must develop and maintain a written AAP for each establishment with 50 or more employees on an annual basis.

Is Your AAP Compliant?

  • Does your written plan include both narrative and statistical components?
  • If you receive an audit letter today, can you respond with a compliant AAP within 30 days?
  • Can you prove that you’ve recently recruited through sources that target women, minorities, veterans and individuals with disabilities?
  • Has your management team been trained on the results of your AAP, which is no more than 12 months old?

What Are The Risks Associated With Non-compliance?

Certifying that you are in compliance does not exclude you from being selected for a compliance evaluation, and contractors can face a variety of penalties if they are found to be out of compliance.

Risks of Non-compliance Include:

  • Loss of current contracts
  • Debarment from future contracts
  • Financial remedies
  • Additional data tracking and reporting requirements (conciliation)
  • Hiring or training mandates
  • Negative publicity
  • Recruitment challenges
  • Employee relations issues
  • Higher risk of discrimination lawsuits.

Solutions That Protect You & Drive You Forward

When you partner with HR Works, you receive an audit-ready Affirmative Action Plan that is 100% technically compliant and backed by a team of consultants, with expert attorneys on retainer.

Our team of consultants provides expert advice on equal opportunity requirements and best practices, providing analytics to help you monitor and diversify your workforce. We stay up to date on rapidly changing Federal and State requirements so you can stay focused on growing your business.

HR Works, headquartered in upstate New York, is a human resource management outsourcing and consulting firm serving clients throughout the United States for over thirty years. HR Works provides scalable strategic human resource management and consulting services, including: affirmative action programs; benefits administration outsourcing; HRIS self-service technology; full-time, part-time and interim on-site HR managers; HR audits; legally reviewed employee handbooks and supervisor manuals; talent management and recruiting services; and training of managers and HR professionals.