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Affirmative Action Plans

Executive Order 11246 established requirements for non-discriminatory practices in hiring and employment on the part of U.S. government contractors.

HR Works offers comprehensive outsourcing solutions to assists federal contractors and subcontractors in all phases of affirmative action and EEO compliance, from developing your audit-ready Affirmative Action plan, to helping you integrate best practices within your organization.
HR Works’ subject matter experts are dedicated to affirmative action program compliance. It’s all we do!

OFCCP Portal Certification Deadline
Affirmative Action employers are required to certify with the OFCCP by July 1, 2024 that they have written their required annual AAP(s)
Those who don’t certify or who have not taken the appropriate steps to maintain compliance may have an increased probability of being audited.

Audit-Ready Affirmative Action Plans

Whatever type of Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) you require, HR Works is your trusted affirmative action provider, delivering the expertise you are looking for. Our clients know that their AAPs are audit-ready, 100% technically compliant, and backed by a team of consultants who will provide support throughout the audit process.

Our Affirmative Action Plans Include:

  • Development of Affirmative Action Plans
    • State or Federal AAP
    • Functional AAP
    • Service & Supply AAP
    • Construction AAP
  • OFCCP Contractor Portal Support
  • HRIS Data Extraction
  • AAP Implementation Resources
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Year-round Consultation
  • Mid-year Analysis
  • Enhanced Analytics Dashboard
  • Online Client Resources
  • Secure Data-Sharing Portal
  • OFCCP Audit Support
  • Attorneys on Retainer
  • Disparity and Compensation Analyses
Affirmative Action Plans

Partner with HR Works for 100% Compliant Affirmative Action Plans, 100% of the Time.

Our clients know that their AAP is audit-ready, 100% technically compliant, and backed by a team of consultants who will provide support throughout the audit process.

Learn more about our OFCCP Audit Support


Multi-state employers need to ensure compliance with all state-specific affirmative action Plan requirements. With some states having unique requirements and criteria impacting different types of employers, it can be especially challenging for multi-state employers to achieve compliance. ​​​HR Works has developed a resource to help you navigate these complexities.

Download our State AA Comparison Chart for a list of state-specific requirements.

Enhanced Data Analytics At Your Fingertips

HR Works offers an Enhanced Analytics Dashboard for clients who are looking for a sophisticated and easy way to view company data. The dashboard is interactive, searchable, and filterable, making it easy for clients to focus on metrics relevant to their own organization.

Clients can view analytics such as:

  • Utilization
  • Goal progress
  • Employee demographics
  • Applicant sources

Consultation on interpretation of metrics and system functionality is also included with the Enhanced Analytics Dashboard.

Enhance Your Affirmative Action Plans

OFCCP Compensation Analysis

HR Works offers an OFCCP Compensation Analysis to support your compliance with the OFCCP’s Compensation Analysis Directive. With this service, HR Works will

  • Identify your pay disparities, pay gaps, and occupational segregation requiring investigation
  • Support you through that investigation and provide expertise on the acceptability of explanatory factors
  • Share best practices for addressing problem areas and prepare compensation analysis documentation for OFCCP in a compliance evaluation

Federal and State Reporting

HR Works removes administrative burden by filing required government EEO and affirmative action reports for you. Data verification and security procedures mirror those in place for AAP development.

  • EEOC Reporting
  • VETS Filing
  • State-specific Pay Data Reporting

We make sure your reports conform to your Affirmative Action Program and government expectations.

EEO-1 Component 1 Filing Deadline
June 4, 2024

VETS-4212 Reporting Deadline
September 30, 2024

AA & EEO Training

Our customizable training programs help you communicate Affirmative Action Program goals and EEO initiatives,  meeting OFCCP training requirements and expanding from compliance to best practice.

  • Affirmative Action Training for Managers
  • EEO and Lawful Hiring
  • Basics of Affirmative Action
  • Recruiting as an Affirmative Action Employer

Training can be delivered virtually or onsite, live or pre-recorded and compatible with your LMS.

In 2022, compliance evaluations completed by the OFCCP resulted in over $142 million in penalties for employment discrimination violations and secured over 1,000 conciliation agreements with federal contractors.

Each year as part of their efforts to enforce affirmative action regulations, the OFCCP conducts compliance reviews (or audits) of Affirmative Action Plans. An affirmative action employer has 30 days to submit the requested materials to the OFCCP upon notice of a compliance review. Violations may result in significant penalties and require employers to make changes to hiring and promotion practices, offer training for employees, and issue payments to affected employees


Hear what our clients have to say about working with us.

“HR Works is so incredibly knowledgeable about the newest trends and about how they are being legislated. Their customer service, follow up and follow through are amazing. They are really more partners than service providers.

“Their advice has helped us tremendously in two ways: to achieve our goals of obtaining a diverse workforce and to fulfill our compliance requirements.”


“We have been very pleased with the service and support received from the staff at HR Works. They have consistently demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of the affirmative action planning process from the plan development stage through the OFCCP compliance review process. Their attention to detail is remarkable and their analysis of data is very thorough.

“HR Works’ employees always show a high degree of professionalism and great patience when collecting and synthesizing the data from our various complex systems. I look forward to continuing our working relationship with HR Works.”


“When I first called HR Works, I was under deadline for filing my AAP, had received an audit notice, and was too busy to assemble the material on my own. HR Works shared my sense of urgency, educated me throughout the process, and made it their priority to ensure a successful audit. Had I not found HR Works, I might still be struggling to learn from a book on how to write an AAP. Instead, I can relax, knowing it’s getting done correctly.”


“They assist on all aspects—from advice on setting up systems, to gathering the information, to consulting with our HR team on the plan’s creation. HR Works also provides consultation on implementing proactive AA practices throughout the organization and keeps us apprised of the latest developments in related laws and regulations. We continually receive high levels of service, not just during plan development, but throughout the year. When we need AA advice and expertise, HR Works is only a phone call away.”


“HR Works has proven to be an invaluable resource over the past five years. Just recently we received an audit letter from the OFCCP that somehow was overlooked, and we needed to move quickly. I called HR Works, and within hours we had everything we needed…

“HR Works’ employees are always willing to go above and beyond to provide top notch client service. They are so knowledgeable in affirmative action planning, and their approach is refreshing. We look forward to our continued relationship with HR Works.”