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Compensation & Pay Equity

Under OFCCP Directive 2022-01 Rev 1, Federal contractors must now conduct and document an annual compensation analysis. 

With new state and federal laws related to compensation discrimination being passed, and the OFCCP’s focus on reviewing pay equity in Affirmative Action Plans, employers are now at a much higher risk of being penalized for non-compliance.
HR Works offers solutions that help employers have a better understanding of their level of risk, and what they can to do ensure compliance.


HR Works has the expertise and resources to help employers:

  • Meet OFCCP and affirmative action requirements to assess the equity of compensation systems
  • Comply with mandated filings and other requirements
  • Minimize the risk of discrimination lawsuits


Our solutions offer a more proactive approach to preventing pay discrimination, and can also:

  • Support your diversity, equity, & inclusion efforts
  • Provide assurances to stakeholders and employees
  • Ensure consistency in pay practices
  • Better inform the decisions of job candidates

OFCCP Pay Equity Analysis Services

In accordance with OFCCP Directive 2022-01 Rev 1 Advancing Pay Equity Through Compensation Analysis, federal contractors and subcontractors are now required to maintain and make available documentation of their annual compensation analysis. HR Works offers services to help meet the requirements of the Directive.

  • Evaluate compensation administration and system
  • Identify pay disparities and pay gaps  
  • Document and summarize findings
  • Provide best practices to address disparities
  • Prepare OFCCP attestation form

Over one-third of OFCCP’s discrimination investigations now focus on pay discrimination.

Each year the OFCCP conducts compliance reviews of Affirmative Action Plans, or audits, as part of their efforts to enforce affirmative action regulations. An affirmative action employer has 30 days to submit the requested materials to the OFCCP upon notice of a compliance review.

State-Specific Compensation Services

Many states have their own unique equal pay laws with varying rules and requirements. HR Works offers a suite of services to help you address these requirements from state to state.

  • California Pay Data Reporting
  • Equal Pay Risk Assessment
  • Illinois Equal Pay Certification
  • Consultation on State Fair Pay Laws
  • Compensation Toolkit
  • Pay Transparency

Download our state pay equity law comparison chart to learn more ab out the different requirements from state to state.

CA Pay Data Reporting

Private employers with 100 or more employees and/or workers hired through labor contracts, that have at least 1 CA employee, are required to file annual pay data reports with the CA Civil Rights Department.

IL Equal Pay Registration Certificate

Private employers with 100 or more employees in IL and are required to file EEO-1 with the EEOC must now obtain an Equal Pay Registration Certificate (EPRC) with the IL Department of Labor every two years.

Enhanced Compensation Services

With experts guiding you from policy development to statistical analysis to communication and training, let HR Works be your partner as you address these growing challenges.

  • Strategic Needs Analysis
  • Data Assessment & Project Plan
  • Compensation Philosophy and Policy Development
  • Job Description Development & FLSA Assessments
  • Compensation Benchmarking
  • Pay Grade/Band/Range Creation
  • Competency Hierarchies
  • Pay Gap Analysis
  • Communication Plan & Training
  • Pay Transparency Guidance & Support
Pay Equity

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Hear what our clients have to say about working with us.

“HR Works is so incredibly knowledgeable about the newest trends and about how they are being legislated. Their customer service, follow up and follow through are amazing. They are really more partners than service providers.

“Their advice has helped us tremendously in two ways: to achieve our goals of obtaining a diverse workforce and to fulfill our compliance requirements.”


“We have been very pleased with the service and support received from the staff at HR Works. They have consistently demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of the affirmative action planning process from the plan development stage through the OFCCP compliance review process. Their attention to detail is remarkable and their analysis of data is very thorough.

“HR Works’ employees always show a high degree of professionalism and great patience when collecting and synthesizing the data from our various complex systems. I look forward to continuing our working relationship with HR Works.”


“When I first called HR Works, I was under deadline for filing my AAP, had received an audit notice, and was too busy to assemble the material on my own. HR Works shared my sense of urgency, educated me throughout the process, and made it their priority to ensure a successful audit. Had I not found HR Works, I might still be struggling to learn from a book on how to write an AAP. Instead, I can relax, knowing it’s getting done correctly.”


“They assist on all aspects—from advice on setting up systems, to gathering the information, to consulting with our HR team on the plan’s creation. HR Works also provides consultation on implementing proactive AA practices throughout the organization and keeps us apprised of the latest developments in related laws and regulations. We continually receive high levels of service, not just during plan development, but throughout the year. When we need AA advice and expertise, HR Works is only a phone call away.”


“HR Works has proven to be an invaluable resource over the past five years. Just recently we received an audit letter from the OFCCP that somehow was overlooked, and we needed to move quickly. I called HR Works, and within hours we had everything we needed…

“HR Works’ employees are always willing to go above and beyond to provide top notch client service. They are so knowledgeable in affirmative action planning, and their approach is refreshing. We look forward to our continued relationship with HR Works.”