Affirmative Action Program Requirements

Developing and implementing a successful Affirmative Action Program requires careful planning and execution of tasks to ensure equal opportunity throughout the year.

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  • A federal contract or subcontract valued at $50,000 or more; OR

  • Government bills of lading with in any 12-month period total, or can reasonably be expected to total, $50,000 or more; OR

  • Serves as a depository of federal funds in any amount; OR

  • Is a financial institution that is an issuing and paying agent for US savings bonds and savings notes in any amount; OR

Does your written affirmative action plan include both narrative and statistical components?

Can you prove you recently recruited through sources that target women, minorities, veterans and individuals with disabilities?

Has your management team been trained on the results of your AAP, which is no more than 12 months old?

Are you prepared to certify within the OFCCP Contractor Portal that your Affirmative Action program is complete and compliant?

Risks of Non-Compliance:

  • Debarment from future contracts
  • Financial remedies
  • Additional data tracking and reporting requirements (conciliation)
  • Loss of current contracts
  • Hiring or training mandates
  • Recruitment challenges
  • Employee relations issues
  • Negative publicity
  • Higher risk of discrimination lawsuits

affirmative action programs - compliance guide

Download HR Works’ Affirmative Action Compliance Guide for helpful tips, best practices and resources for keeping your affirmative action program on track year-round.

affirmative action programs - calendar

HR Works’ Affirmative Action Compliance Calendar assists federal contractors with planning for the year’s upcoming compliance deadlines and important action items. 

affirmative action programs - webinar about compliance

Overview of requirements for communication, data tracking, and recruiting. You’ll leave the session knowing the key compliance action items to keep your AA practices in shape all year long.