Compensation and Audits – “Item 19” Overview, Explanation, and Best Practices (Worry About This…not That)

Compensation, pay equity, and the pay gap – these topics continue to be on the Department of Labor’s radar. If your organization is also required to analyze compensation for Affirmative Action Plan purposes, the bull’s eye is on you. The Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs (or OFCCP) has extremely broad jurisdiction to request employee-level wage data during a compliance evaluation. What action they take depends on a company’s ability to prove that pay disparities do not point to pay discrimination. Are you ready? If you are an HR and/or Compensation professional, this webinar will help identify what you should be doing now to ensure that the right information is tracked and maintained, and best practices for managing the Item 19 request during an audit.


Andrea Muller
Principal Affirmative Action Consultant
Andrea’s areas of expertise include affirmative action plan development, OFCCP audits, and AA/EEO training. Andrea develops and delivers customized training seminars on affirmative action law, due diligence, best practices and other related topics. Andrea has been a presenter at the NYS SHRM Conference as well as for local SHRM affiliates, regional Industry Liaison Groups, the New York State Banker’s Association, and other organizations. Prior to joining HR Works, Andrea worked as a manager and generalist in the healthcare and telecommunications industries, focusing on the areas of employee relations, compliance, recruitment, and organizational development. Andrea holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Buffalo. She has over 20 years of combined human resources experience.