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OFCCP Audit Support

HR Works can help clients succeed in any type of compliance evaluation by developing AAPs, consulting on best practices, and supporting you through the audit itself. Our comprehensive suite of Affirmative Action services includes AAP design and implementation, year-round guidance, and in-depth OFCCP audit support.

Partnering with HR Works means you don’t have to sweat when you receive a Scheduling Letter! For more information about our Affirmative Action Outsourcing services, contact us today.

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) conducts compliance reviews of AAPs, commonly referred to as an OFCCP audit, as part of its efforts to enforce affirmative action regulations.

Was Your Company Selected For an OFCCP Audit?

The OFCCP issues a Corporate Scheduling Announcement List (CSAL), which serves as a courtesy notification for federal contractors and subcontractors selected for an OFCCP audit. The compliance review begins once the contractor receives an approved scheduling letter, at which point the contractor has 30 days to submit the requested materials to the OFCCP.

The OFCCP also posts CSAL lists on its website, along with other resources including CSAL FAQs, Scheduling Methodology, and more. For the most recent list of companies expected to receive a Scheduling Letter, click here


OFCCP Audit Support

As one of the nation’s leading consultants on OFCCP compliance, HR Works can support you through any type of OFCCP audit – from compliance checks to focused reviews to corporate management compliance evaluations. We’ll guide you through each step of the audit to achieve fast and successful closure.

  • Preparation of desk audit materials
  • Support interpreting and responding to subsequent requests from OFCCP compliance officers
  • Coaching through each stage of the audit
  • Preparation for the compensation interview or on-site audit
  • Guidance on the regulatory authority for data and information requests from OFCCP

In 2022, compliance evaluations completed by the OFCCP resulted in over $142 million in penalties for employment discrimination violations and secured over 1,000 conciliation agreements with federal contractors.

Each year as part of their efforts to enforce affirmative action regulations, the OFCCP conducts compliance reviews (or audits) of Affirmative Action Plans. An affirmative action employer has 30 days to submit the requested materials to the OFCCP upon notice of a compliance review. Violations may result in significant penalties and require employers to make changes to hiring and promotion practices, offer training for employees, and issue payments to affected employees

Webinars & Resources

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HR Works’ Affirmative Action Compliance Guide for Employers includes helpful tips, best practices, and resources for keeping your affirmative action program on track year-round.


HR Works’ Compliance Calendar for Affirmative Action Employers helps Federal contractors and subcontractors plan ahead for 2024 deadlines and other important considerations throughout the AAP plan year.