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OFCCP Compensation Analysis & Pay Equity Report

In accordance with OFCCP Directive 2022-01 Rev 1 Advancing Pay Equity Through Compensation Analysis, federal contractors and subcontractors are now required to maintain and make available documentation of their annual compensation analysis. HR Works offers services to help meet the requirements of the Directive.

HR Works offers solutions that help employers have a better understanding of their level of risk and what they can to do ensure compliance.

HR Works’ OFCCP Compensation Analysis & Pay Equity Report
helps employers meet OFCCP and affirmative action requirements
to assess the equity of compensation systems.

With this service, HR Works will:

  • Evaluate compensation administration and system
  • Identify pay disparities and pay gaps  
  • Document and summarize findings
  • Provide best practices to address disparities
  • Prepare OFCCP attestation form

State-Specific Compensation Services

Many states have their own unique equal pay laws with varying rules and requirements. HR Works offers a suite of services to help you address these requirements from state to state.

  • California Pay Data Reporting
  • Equal Pay Risk Assessment
  • Illinois Equal Pay Certification
  • Consultation on State Fair Pay Laws
  • Compensation Toolkit
  • Pay Transparency

Enhanced Compensation Services

With experts guiding you from policy development to statistical analysis to communication and training, let HR Works be your partner as you address these growing challenges.

  • Strategic Needs Analysis
  • Data Assessment & Project Plan
  • Compensation Philosophy and Policy Development
  • Job Description Development & FLSA Assessments
  • Compensation Benchmarking
  • Pay Grade/Band/Range Creation
  • Competency Hierarchies
  • Pay Gap Analysis
  • Communication Plan & Training
  • Pay Transparency Guidance & Support
Pay Equity

Over one-third of OFCCP’s discrimination investigations now focus on pay discrimination.

Each year the OFCCP conducts compliance reviews of Affirmative Action Plans, or audits, as part of their efforts to enforce affirmative action regulations. An affirmative action employer has 30 days to submit the requested materials to the OFCCP upon notice of a compliance review.

Complying with OFCCP Compensation Analysis Requirements


HR Works has developed a checklist to assist Affirmative Action Employers with meeting the requirements of the OFCCP’s compensation directive.

State Pay Equity Law Comparison Chart


Download our state pay equity law comparison chart to learn more about the different requirements from state to state.